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I would once again, while my wife uses, so to speak, with his 'friends', published. Now, they exceeded this time. Our boiler requires annual inspection and said they would have the day to ensure that the man cogetube did well, like a fool, I trusted her, but part of my thought, which is obvious. I wanted to try to catch with red hands, the problem was that I did not know when man appeared, cogetube went cogetube to work this morning, then around the corner, parked, waiting, luckily it was early man came only half an hour later, I saw our house, and saw the door open and entered, I left the car and returned to the house, as expected, the curtains drawn up look of my wife was, fortunately not I saw. saw the man coming to get his car to his toolbox and then back to the house, I was in a dilemma because he wanted to enter the house without her listen to me, or if they did tell me and excfor use. After 20 minutes of hesitation, I decided to go, I put my key in the lock and turned it gently, I have not heard someone down the stairs, so be careful opened the door a little wider and cogetube graduated, I heard noises upstairs, it sounded like someone having a good time. I went upstairs and was able to see the room, my wife was on all fours only hold stockings, her tight ass in the air and the Gasman was standing behind her, she had a huge cock and was near the tip of her ass. called, 'Go On', ' fuck my ass now! ' I lunged and she screamed, and then fucks like no tomorrow, she complained of total Exctasy until it was evident in that explodes out and did it standing on the ground, took his cock in her mouth and sucked all the milk out of it. then opened the drawer and pulled out a large black dildo, which began to push up inside her. 'I want to feel my tits and pinching my nipples,' saidsexy. The bound and cock started getting hard again. The dildo goes back and forth until suddenyl pulled side to side in bed, pulled him down on his back, his cock slid easily and was pulling hard again. I could not and went into the room. was in the throes of another orgasm and the look in her eyes when she arrived, the pure joy ', why do not you join us? ' He said. The gas man came back and I pulled out my cock and gave me a fantastic blowjob, I found all her mouth and she took the semen on his fingers and rubbed it on her tits. The man behind came a groan, and all broke out in cogetube bed. The man seemed a little embarrassed and dressed and went, I did not know what to say, to be honest, next week, the washing machine due for a service!
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